Our Mission is to nurture long-lasting relationships with clients by providing high-quality, creative, and solution-oriented legal choices to help clients through complex legal issues and protect assets and ensure healthcare and family decisions are clearly known and respected through zealous, empathetic, and focused representation.

Anytime a person needs to see an attorney, it is because something difficult has happened in their life.  It is nothing short of terrifying to face the government as an individual. Many clients are in our office because they must interact with the government now or close on the horizon.  If our client is not facing the government, they face some wrong.  They either are being accused of a wrong, or wrong happened to them.  Regardless of why they seek us out for counsel, emotions are necessarily high.  As a result, customer experience is essential for what we do. 

Lawyers and dentists share a reputation for having offices people don’t want to visit.  It’s up to us to change that perception.  With the myriad of choices in legal representation available to our clients, we can differentiate ourselves from other law practices by offering a sterling experience.

What do we mean by sterling?  When something is sterling, it is of the highest quality, the highest level of purity, painstakingly accurate, and without blemish.  I like to think about customer experience in terms of sterling silver.  When it is pristine, it reflects everything around it with stunning clarity. Unfortunately, once it has been improperly handled, it begins to lose its shine until eventually it is so tarnished that the entire piece is black and ruined.  Under all of the blemishes is still the same metal, but it’s impossible to see its brilliance because of mishandling.

At Shaw and Associates, we take access to the legal system personally.  Our core values hold that justice should be accessible, equitable, and achievable. This begins with our customers’ experiences.  Shaw and Associates is committed to creating a sterling experience for all of our customers; whether you come to see us for a simple Will or Deed; or complex business and estate tax planning and trusts, it is our commitment to treat each customer as if your legal issue is our only legal issue.

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